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How do I install my bling screw caps and do I need special screws?

With your screw caps you also received some plastic white washers.  You'll notice the washers are shaped like a cup.  The flat side of the washer goes against the frame and then the screw goes in to it, through the frame and plate and then in to the car.  Once tightened, the head of the screw rests inside the "cup" part of the washer and then the cap snaps on to the washer. So, you don't need special screws, but the head of your screw needs to be 11mm or less in diameter for it to fit inside the cup part of the washer.  When pushing the cap on to the washer make sure you push it on hard enough (only use your fingers, not a hammer) and you will hear a "snap" sound telling you that it is secure. 

When will my order ship? 

Please refer to the listing you purchased from or plan on purchasing from.  In the description area the handling time is stated.  Our bling license plate frames usually ship out faster than the stated handling time, but there are times, especially near holidays, when the whole handling time is needed.  Please remember that our crystal license plate frames made with Swarovski crystals, as well as our rhinestone license plate frames and other bling items, are hand made by Cool Blingz and in a first come first serve order.  This allows us to give you a much higher quality product than our competitors who simply buy and resell cheap, factory made (in other countries) frames with inferior rhinestones or crystals.